Natalie Czaban

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I really recommend working with Eszter. Her sessions are dynamic, motivating and fun and I always come away with a new insight or angle, even on topics which I have been thinking about for many years. I appreciate Eszter's focus on understanding emotions and listening to one's own instincts and taking your own feelings seriously, as a guide to what you really want. She has also empowered me to put myself first more when making life decisions and challenge the feeling that nothing can change. In both group and individual sessions, Eszter has a real knack for asking the right questions and opening up new ways of seeing. From attending her women's groups I learned so much just from hearing about other people's experiences and journeys, including Eszter's own challenges, which she generously shares. I appreciate that Eszter treads the line between active listening and asking directive, challenging questions. While also being fun and supportive, working with Eszter is a different experience to sharing problems with a sympathetic friend as the outcome is more considered, objective and action - focused. As somebody living and raising children in a foreign country, I also greatly appreciate Eszter's understanding and experience of moving between cultures and raising children in an intercultural environment. I am also really grateful for the additional resources she has provided to bolster the work in sessions, such as tools for defining emotions and values and interactive materials for helping children (and myself!) deal with big emotions . 

Thank you Eszter!