with integral couch ESZTER SARÓDY


 Ever found yourself amidst a sea of projects, attempting to uncover that elusive "passion"? The search can be overwhelming, leaving you wondering where to even start. Enter our MasterClass, a unique collaboration with coach Eszter.

Discover your potential, align your priorities, set realistic goals 

and step on the path to your success.

In this condensed experience, Eszter will guide you to:

  • Enhance self-awareness.
  • Pinpoint your core aspirations.
  • Clarify the essential conditions for unlocking your potential and boosting self-esteem.
  • Develop resilience and self-assurance, equipping you to confront life's challenges with confidence.


Meditation, sharing, working with worksheets, questions, answers.

MasterClass is for you if: 

  • feeling of burn-out,
  • feeling of uselessness, meaningless work,
  • feeling Loneliness, sadness, tiredness
  • financial problems,
  • change of priorities after an important life event.

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Praha  | We are working on it.

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České Budějovice | We are working on it.

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FEE: We are working on it.

Join us for an exclusive MasterClass derived from Eszter's extensive "How to Find My Direction" personal development course – a transformative 4-month journey. This workshop distills the essence of her comprehensive program into a two-hour session, focusing on the pivotal "Who," "Whay," "What," and "How" modules.

About Eszter Saródy

Our expert, Eszter Saródy, is an integrally informed mother, teacher, graphic designer, guide, coach. She has been an independent professional for three decades. She values her freedom the most and reserves the right to use her common sense at every occasion.

She has built and rebuild her life and business in three countries, in three languages, each time more and more successful. She has been leader of teams, owner of a company, indispensable member of organisations, but realized that less is more.

She values her time over all, and consciously keeps herself available for her children who she mostly raised on her own.


Eszter is a Certified Life Coach and 6-phase meditation teacher, with certifications in Wisdom of Trauma, Embodied Philosophy, Leadership Coaching, Emotional Coaching, Body-oriented Coaching, Conscious Parenting, Conscious Uncoupling, and Awakening Intuition. Influenced by humanistic, transpersonal, and integral psychology, she continues her education through the Integral Academy and the Integral Relationship Professional and Group Facilitator Training.