About us

We are here for everyone who faces the question "What's next?" - whether you are dissatisfied employees, mothers on maternity leave or people looking for work.

Eszter Saródy

Our expert, Eszter Saródy, is an integrally informed mother, teacher, graphic designer, guide, coach. She has been an independent professional for three decades. She values her freedom the most and reserves the right to use her common sense at every occasion.

She has built and rebuild her life and business in three countries, in three languages, each time more and more successful. She has been leader of teams, owner of a company, indispensable member of organisations, but realized that less is more

She values her time over all, and consciously keeps herself available for her children who she mostly raised on her own.

Eszter has gained enormous experience working with people while guiding tourists for over a decade (awarded twice) and being a consultant for over three decades at international non-profit organisations. After escaping a toxic relationship which caused her some mysterious health issues, she discovered meditation and mindfulness which she also teaches to her children.

She has completed a coaching certification after having already started successfully working with teams on value definition, confidence, self-esteem and strategy, and now focuses on working in group settings where genuine interaction and vulnerability is experienced and enables mutual trust in a society which mostly lacks honest exchanges. Eszter emphasises on the internal compass we all have in our bodies and helps her clients to gain confidence in their intuition. She believes that happiness is available for everybody every day and its key is in our daily choices.

Eszter is a Certified Life Coach and 6-phase meditation teacher. She has completed the Wisdom of Trauma training by Dr. Gabor Mate, Embodied Philosophy, Leadership Coaching, Emotional Coaching, Body-oriented Coaching, Conscious Parenting, Conscious Uncoupling and Awakening Intuition among others. She is mostly influenced by humanistic and transpersonal psychology.

She is constantly learning: currently student of the Budapest-based Integral Academy which is the reunification of psychology and spirituality and also participant of the Integral Relationship Professional and Group Facilitator Training.

Eszter refills her energies during her daily early morning walks, going hiking with her dog, or a quick bike-ride around the fishponds and forests near her area. She also has over 100house plants but still growing...

Her heart is always deeply touched when a fellow human being has an insight and sees the world in a different way thanks to her questions. She rarely teaches in monologues, but known for asking the questions one maybe has never been asked but which are the most essential questions one needs to answer to get clear on their future path.

Marta Novotná

Creator, visionary, mother

Marta is a creative soul with a tremendous desire to shape her life. She is increasingly allowing herself to be freer. She gets to the essence of things and needs to know the deeper meaning. She is increasingly asking her heart what would make it happy and allows herself to follow these desires.

She explores and practices techniques that lead to restoring her relationship with herself and her body. She is more and more excited and amazed by the self-healing abilities of our bodies.

Recently, she discovered the possibilities and potential in the field of sound healing and using her own voice.

She is the mother of one son. Parenthood and life's falls brought her together with Eszter, with whom, at the same time, they felt the need to create an educational program for people who are faced with the question, "What's next? Who am I? What are my values? What do I bring? What can I continue to live on?"

Marta has been freelancing for over ten years. She has been engaged in project management, marketing, brand creation. Lately, she has been focusing on work that allows her to move, freely express herself, sing and be creative. You might be surprised, but she found these possibilities while cooking at events. She combined several of her passions into cooking, and together with another great woman, they form a duo at DIVINE KITCHEN.

She relaxes in nature. She loves forest walks, traveling and meeting inspirational people. Her passion is dancing, singing and playing healing instruments.

In the project, she will be at your service as a coordinator and a person you can turn to with your organizational and other needs around the educational course "How to Find My Direction".